Monday, January 12, 2015

Bar Etiquette.

Rules to remember the next time you order a drink.

#1: My name is not "Hey" or "Barbitch" If you chose to use those words to get my attention, I will ignore you the rest of the night.
#2: If you rack up a tab, and/or extremely needy and you leave NO TIP, we will remember you. 
#3 On the other hand, if you are polite, tip generously, we will remember you and we will be more generous in pouring your next drink. Just be nice.
#4 When you pay with a credit card, you won't get cash back. 
#5 I can't give FREE drinks. Don't ask. 
#6 I can remember more than one drink. Please don't make me go back and forth to get your five drink order. 
#7 Last call. You can only get ONE drink. Casino Policy.
#8 Don't cut in line to get water, soda, or coffee. I will ignore you. 
#9: Know what you want, or at least have a basic request. Such as-'I'd like a dark beer', or 'I would like something fruity' Don't tell me to give you something "good". Give me something to work with when you ask me to 'surprise you'. 
#10: Don't fight, don't yell, don't be 'that guy' 

More to come...