Thursday, May 21, 2015

Grinnell Point

Last month, I was sick for ten days and when I wasn't sleeping or hacking up a lung, I was watching videos on Netflix. In the middle of night, I received a notification from a History app I recently downloaded on my phone. I followed the link, a picture appeared on my screen with a caption below that read "Today's picture is from 1912, and it shows a group of Native Americans on horseback. I do not recognize the peak in the background but hope one of you visitors could comment on where this picture might be." 

1912, huh? I knew right were that was. I even had a picture to prove it.

Indians on Horseback

Grinnell Point, Montana 2010

Montana Roadtrip 2010
My picture from 2010 is a scanned photo so the resolution isn't great. But you can still observe the flanks and ridges of Grinnell Point in the background to the right and compare them to the original 1912 photo above.

The Native Americans above were exploring an area. Dressed in the garb and Below, my buddies with their arms open, were the modern equalivent. Seeking a refuge from the modern world, attempting to find a new connection with the world around them.

East side of Glacier National Park. This Google Earth photo shows the easy access to Grinnell Point from the Plains. Lake Sherburne can be seen between Babb and Swiftcurrent Lake.
Grinnell Point from Google Earth, coordinates are listed below.

Latitude and Longitude coordinates. Plug into Google Earth and look Southwest.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bar Etiquette.

Rules to remember the next time you order a drink.

#1: My name is not "Hey" or "Barbitch" If you chose to use those words to get my attention, I will ignore you the rest of the night.
#2: If you rack up a tab, and/or extremely needy and you leave NO TIP, we will remember you. 
#3 On the other hand, if you are polite, tip generously, we will remember you and we will be more generous in pouring your next drink. Just be nice.
#4 When you pay with a credit card, you won't get cash back. 
#5 I can't give FREE drinks. Don't ask. 
#6 I can remember more than one drink. Please don't make me go back and forth to get your five drink order. 
#7 Last call. You can only get ONE drink. Casino Policy.
#8 Don't cut in line to get water, soda, or coffee. I will ignore you. 
#9: Know what you want, or at least have a basic request. Such as-'I'd like a dark beer', or 'I would like something fruity' Don't tell me to give you something "good". Give me something to work with when you ask me to 'surprise you'. 
#10: Don't fight, don't yell, don't be 'that guy' 

More to come...