Monday, August 1, 2011

Silly Tree Huggers. Taxes are for kids

QUIT your whining, we recieved a tax cut. Quit being so lazy. Innovation is great when you cut childcare, K-12 education, community and technical colleges! Social Security is funded independly of the federal budget, but thank goodness we cut the PAYROLL tax, I could of sure used that $714 now to buy something useless. Did I mention I want to work until I die? While we're at it, let's seize all flow of money in the economy and cut unemployment benefits. Disintegrating infrastructure, what an inviting and cozy environment for businesses. But thank god I have my extra $714 knowing society is faced with greater hardships. That's okay, I'll put in my savings account which is depleting inflation. It's hard to be a diligent investor you know, because I can't exactly place my money into a Certificate of Deposit because the Federal Reserve is lending to banks at extremely low rates. Freezing federal spending levels GENIUS! Lets return to the government of 1960's even though our population has grown ten fold! I'm glad to see our government can work in a bipartisanship way to screw us. hahaha Silly Tree Huggers. Taxes are for kids!!

We need to stop viewing taxes as a burden and rather as a investment in our society. Taxes that allow our society to function at its most basic level. Cutting services and stranding the poor is a great way to bring about instabilitly and give rise to the Hitler's of our future.

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