Monday, August 1, 2011


Editor, The Times:

It isn’t pit bulls, pigs, or lipstick. It’s Reaganomics, stupid! Thirty years ago, America made a an economic wrong turn. Corporations reveled in a n orgy of deregulation. The invisible hand of the free market, we believed was the hand of God. It was the hand of greed. Instead of freedom, we got corporate feudalism.

Reaganomics is a shell game: With one hand slashing taxes, another steal real wages, real health-care benefits, pensions and home equity. Reaganomics busts unions, out sources jobs, defends public infrastructure and spawns obscene disparities between worker and executive pay. Lobbyists write legislation. Wall Street makes war for profit. Corporations get no bid contracts and fat tax breaks, enslaving the middle class with debt.

Reaganomics insults our founding fathers, demonizing government as a succubus. But we the people are the government, founded to protect the commonwealth from privileged self-interest. In 1816, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “I hope we shall crush the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare to trial by strength.”

Reaganomics dumbs down America’s genius for balancing public and private interests. Once labor unions, progressives taxes and the GI bill helped working folks afford homes, healthcare and higher education. A vital middle class was born. Now citizens choose between heating the house or paying the mortgage, while their bankers get federal bailouts.

Trickle down economics is a lie. Freedom rewired more than free markets. Freedom requires government. America must return to the path of Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Kennedy, and vote for Sen. Barack Obama.

-Fred LaMotte, Steilacoom (The Seattle Times; Tuesday September 16, 2008, Local B7)

We are now only beginning to reap the fruits of seeds we planted decades ago.

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