Monday, August 1, 2011

Is Religion Good for the World?*

Christopher Hitchens in a debates with Tony Blair, "Is Religion Good for the World?"

What we have here, is a distillation and of precisely what is twisted and immoral in the faith mentality. It's essential fanaticism, its the consideration of human beings as raw material, and its fantasy of purity. Once you assume a creator and a plan, it makes us objects in a cruel experiment, where by we are created sick and commanded to be well. And over us to supervise this, is a celestial dictatorship. A kind of divine North Korea. Greedy, exigent, greedy for uncritical praise from dawn til dusk, and swift to punish the original sins with which is so tenderly gifted us in the first place.

However let no one say there is no cure. Salvation is offered, redemption indeed. At the low price at the surrender of your critical faculties, I am asking it good for the world to appeal to our credulity and not to our skepticism? Is it good for the world to worship a deity that takes sides in wars? And human affairs? To appeal to our fears and to our guilt? Is it good for the world? To our terror of death? To preach guilt and shame about the sexual act and sexual relationship? Is this good for the world? While asking yourself if these are religious responsibilities. To which I claim they are. To terrify children with the image of hell and eternal punishment of not only themselves but of their parents and those they love. Perhaps worst of all to consider, women as an inferior creation. Is that good for the world? Can you name me a religion who has not done that? To insist that we were created, not evolved. Contrary to all the evidence.
Handed a small baby for the first time, is it your first thought to think. Beautiful, almost perfect. Now please hand me the sharp stone for its genitalia so that I may do the work of the Lord. No!

Now let me ask Tony again. Because the place he is seeking peace is the birthplace of monotheism. So you might think it's a unusually full of refulgence and love and peace. Everyone in the civilized world has roughly agreed including a majority of Arabs and Jews and the international community that there should be enough room for two peoples in the same land. I think we have a rough agreement on that. Why can't get it? The U.N. can't get it! The U.S. get it! The P.L.O can't get it! The Israeli Parliament can't get it! Why can't they get it? Because the party of God has a veto on it and everybody knows this is true. Because of the divine promises made about this territory, there will never be peace, there will never be compromise, there will instead be misery, shame, and tyranny. And people's will kill other people's children will kill each other over ancient books and caves and relics. Who is going to say this is good for the world?


Editor, The Times:

It isn’t pit bulls, pigs, or lipstick. It’s Reaganomics, stupid! Thirty years ago, America made a an economic wrong turn. Corporations reveled in a n orgy of deregulation. The invisible hand of the free market, we believed was the hand of God. It was the hand of greed. Instead of freedom, we got corporate feudalism.

Reaganomics is a shell game: With one hand slashing taxes, another steal real wages, real health-care benefits, pensions and home equity. Reaganomics busts unions, out sources jobs, defends public infrastructure and spawns obscene disparities between worker and executive pay. Lobbyists write legislation. Wall Street makes war for profit. Corporations get no bid contracts and fat tax breaks, enslaving the middle class with debt.

Reaganomics insults our founding fathers, demonizing government as a succubus. But we the people are the government, founded to protect the commonwealth from privileged self-interest. In 1816, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “I hope we shall crush the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare to trial by strength.”

Reaganomics dumbs down America’s genius for balancing public and private interests. Once labor unions, progressives taxes and the GI bill helped working folks afford homes, healthcare and higher education. A vital middle class was born. Now citizens choose between heating the house or paying the mortgage, while their bankers get federal bailouts.

Trickle down economics is a lie. Freedom rewired more than free markets. Freedom requires government. America must return to the path of Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Kennedy, and vote for Sen. Barack Obama.

-Fred LaMotte, Steilacoom (The Seattle Times; Tuesday September 16, 2008, Local B7)

We are now only beginning to reap the fruits of seeds we planted decades ago.

Silly Tree Huggers. Taxes are for kids

QUIT your whining, we recieved a tax cut. Quit being so lazy. Innovation is great when you cut childcare, K-12 education, community and technical colleges! Social Security is funded independly of the federal budget, but thank goodness we cut the PAYROLL tax, I could of sure used that $714 now to buy something useless. Did I mention I want to work until I die? While we're at it, let's seize all flow of money in the economy and cut unemployment benefits. Disintegrating infrastructure, what an inviting and cozy environment for businesses. But thank god I have my extra $714 knowing society is faced with greater hardships. That's okay, I'll put in my savings account which is depleting inflation. It's hard to be a diligent investor you know, because I can't exactly place my money into a Certificate of Deposit because the Federal Reserve is lending to banks at extremely low rates. Freezing federal spending levels GENIUS! Lets return to the government of 1960's even though our population has grown ten fold! I'm glad to see our government can work in a bipartisanship way to screw us. hahaha Silly Tree Huggers. Taxes are for kids!!

We need to stop viewing taxes as a burden and rather as a investment in our society. Taxes that allow our society to function at its most basic level. Cutting services and stranding the poor is a great way to bring about instabilitly and give rise to the Hitler's of our future.