Sunday, April 24, 2011

What does Globalization mean for you?

Globalization is revolutionary. I am writing this to you on a computer made in Suzhou, China, using software developed in Redmond, Washington, typed and printed in central Puget Sounds, and later discussed in classroom in Mt. Vernon, Washington. This short piece will be reviewed within a 20 mile radius of Mt Vernon, and the scores could be posted on Blackboard. Understanding that tomorrow I will wake up by a clock made in South Korea, and then I’ll put on my shoes that were made in Vietnam, and drive my Volkswagen Passat, which was assembled in Europe, and travel to Skagit Valley College. Shortly after arriving I will drink coffee that supports a farmer and his family in Africa, and later on, I’ll chair a Student Government meeting with Chinese Student Government Representatives. After class gets out, I’ll stop by a Thai food restaurant and pick up some delicious Chicken Phai Thai with my friend from the Middle East, Abdullah. We'll then engage in a discussion about the future of South America, and the implications for the West. This should give you an insight to my opinion on Globalization. 30 years ago, or even 20 years ago for that matter, none of this would have ever been possible.
Globalization has made my life easier, and has allowed me to focus on more important matters. Globalization has allowed thousands around the globe the opportunity to rise out of poverty. While critics would argue against the destruction of the “global village“, one must ask themselves 20 years ago, did you have the access to listen to an African folklore, and Chinese music like you do today? Not at all, when the culture were destroyed, music, oral traditions, dance were silently elimination from the earth with it. Today, I am able to appreciate other cultures music, theatre, food, etc. from the comfort of my own home.
My socio-economic status is a middle class, white male whose working his entire way through school, paying tuition quarter by quarter. Therefore, my personal income is limited, and this pressures me to search for the greatest bargains. Globalization has allowed for the production of cheap technological goods, and the mass distribution of them. I am able to purchase shoes and computers at a fraction of the price than if they were created in the United States. I am able to write on a net book that cost a little over $300 from the comfort of my own bed where my thoughts run rampant. Through globalization, I have become my own writer, publisher, and distributor for my own media.
Throughout my lifetime, I will see the rise of other developing countries such as China, India, and Brazil. As the global market continues to open up, the playing field will expand. Sooner than later, I will no longer be competing against John Smith two blocks down the road, rather I will be competing against individuals in China, India, and Brazil. All the more reason I will need to further my education to stand out among everyone.
Karl Marx argued that over time, a capitalist system will inevitably become socialist as the workers demand more rights and better wages. As the the workers wages increase, the employer must find a way to continue increasing output and efficiency, in order to save money the company will outsource to other countries to pave way for the production of cheap technological goods. As developing countries advance, the playing field expands, and makes way for greater innovation, and self expression. I will no longer by competing in the workforce against my next door neighbor John Smith, but I will be competing against Chinese, Indian, and Brazilian individuals. All the more proof I need to further my education. With the rise of the Internet, Blogs, Facebook, p2p sharing networks have allowed for the transfer of knowledge, music, and has helped build social connections.

What does Globalization mean for me? We can appreciate and continue the survival of culture, music, religious traditions that otherwise would've been lost. What does Globalization mean for you? It means that I must further my education, it means that we have the ability to unleash our human potential. What does Globalization mean for you?

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