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Gospel of Mary

The Gospel of Mary, as fragmented and short as it is, remains a profound and powerful literary work with imagery too real not to be shared. Let me know your thoughts.

A few years ago I attended a class on the religion of Islam. The instructor stated if you had to boil Islam down to one sentence, it would be "There is no god, but God."  Whereas the lower case "g" represents false gods, illusions, that keep us from focusing on the real upper case "G" God. The lower case "god" represents everything else that we may mistake for being a God. Whether its coffee, money, power, these false gods are nothing more than illusions and are not real. They are distractions from the ultimate reality, that is, a distraction from where the rest of life flows and makes sense.

In the Gospel of Mary, the soul is personified and walks through a valley of darkness. As soul travels along it's confronted with the ugly heads of "ignorance" and "desire". The allure of these ugly heads are trying to persuade the soul to remain on its current path, but the soul defies the heads and ascents into a new level of understanding.

According to the Gospel of Mary, Sin isn't dictated from a list of right and wrongs or comes from a stone tablet. Rather, sin is the disconnection of yourself from the divine, nature, the ultimate reality. Not living consciously of your actions and realizing and understanding the beauty of your conduct is a sin.
I'll stop now, Enjoy.

Gospel of Mary

"Will the matter be destroyed or not?" The savior replied, "All natures, all formed things, all creatures exist in and with each other, and they will dissolve into their own root. The nature of matter is dissolved into the root of its nature. Whoever has ears to hear should hear."

Peter said to him, "You have explained everything to us. Tell us also, what is the sin of the world?" The savior replied, "There is no such thing as sin, but you create sin when you mingle as in adultery. and this is called sin. For this reason the good came among you, to those of every nature, in order to restore nature to its root."

He continued, "That is why you become sick and die, for [you love] what [deceives you] Whoever has a mind should understand. Matter gave birth to passion that is without form, because it comes from what is contrary to nature, and then confusion arose in the whole body. That is why I told you, Be of good courage. And if you are discouraged, be encouraged in the presence of the diversity of forms of nature. Whoever has ears to hear should hear."

When the blessed one said this, he greeted all of them and said, "Peace be with you. Receive my peace. Be careful that no one leads you astray by saying 'Look here' or 'Look there; The child of humanity is within you. Follow that. Those who seek it will find it. Go and preach the good news of the kingdom. Do not lay down any rules other than what I have given you, and do not establish law, as the lawgiver did, or you will be bound by it." When he said this, he left them.

Mary Consoles the Disciples and Peter Challenges Mary
The disciplines were grieved. They wept proudly and said, How can we go to the Gentiles and preach the good news of the kingdom of the child of humanity? If they did not spare him, how will we be spared?

Mary stood up, greeted them all, and said to her brothers, "Do not weep or grieve or be in doubt, for his grace will be with you all and will protect you. Rather, let us praise his greatness, for he has prepared us and made us truly human."

When Mary said this, she turned their hearts to the good, and they began to discuss the words of the savior. Peter said to Mary, "Sister, we know the savior love you more than any other woman. Tell us the words of the savior that you remember, which you know but we do not, because we have not heard them. Mary answers and said, "What is hidden from you I shall reveal to you." She began to speak these words to them. She said, "I saw the master in a vision and I said to him, 'Master, today I saw you in a vision.'

He answered and said to me, 'Blessings on you, since you did not waver when you saw me. For where the mind is, the treasure is." I said to him, 'Master, how does a person see a vision with the soul or with the spirit?"
The savior answered and said, 'A person sees neither with the soul now the spirit. The mind, which is between the two, sees the vision...."

Mary Recounts Her Vision of the Soul Ascent
"Desire said, 'I did not see you descending, but now I see you ascending. Why are you lying, since you belong to me?' The soul answered and said, 'I saw you, but you did not see me or know me. To you I was only a garment, and you did not recognize me.'
After the soul said this, she left, rejoicing greatly.
The soul approached the third power, called ignorance. The power questioned the soul, saying, 'Where are you going? You are bound by wickedness, you are bound, so do not pass judgement.'
The soul said, 'Why do you pass judgement on me, though I have passed judgement? I was bound, but I have not bound. I was not recognized, but I have recognized that all is to be dissolved, both what is earthly and what is heavenly.
"When the soul overcame the third power, she ascended and saw the fourth power. It took seven forms:
The first form of darkness.
the second, desire
the third, death wish
the fifth, fleshly kingdom
the sixth, foolish fleshly wisdom
the seventh, angry person's wisdom.

"These are the seven powers of wrath."
"The powers asked the soul, 'Where are you coming from, slayer of humans, and where are you going, destroyer of realms.'

The fetter of forgetfulness is temporary. From now I shall rest, through the course of time of the age, in silence."

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