Monday, May 17, 2010

Book of Tyler

Near the Beginning
At 10^-34 seconds after zero, there was for micro second an extremely small "particle". Within this particle were the cosmic forces we recongize as gravity and electromagnetic energy. They were one indistinguishable particle. For reasons unknown, this extremely tiny and hot piece began expanding. Within 100 minutes, the resulting heat, and expansion rate laid the foundation for the billions of years yet to come.

As the expansion occurred at an ever increasing rate, and continues to this day.

The expansion of the universe continues to this day. Truly, we may never know the fate of the universe we call "home". Tyler spoke to our species, "We will never know if there was a beginning, but it will fill your mind with useless discussion! Now go forth"

Big Blue Marble
At first I created the earth for my dearest mother in law. Relationships with the in-laws are always off beat and awkward. Maybe because your able to glimpse your spouse years from now in the them, and that's where the resentment builds.

Within the environment, human beings were able to adapt and become what they are today. A bunch of apes centered on a world that remains fixated around them.

Tyler said, "Truly, this universe and life is stranger than science fiction novel ever written."

God sat down with me, and began abruptly, 
"Human beings were always absurd creatures, filling their minds with useless pursuits, failing to acknowledge the biological and chemistry that predates their physical existence for eons."
"But either way", God said, "I'm just fucking with you."

They always applied mathematical equations where none should exist. Expecting unrealistic events from real events. As these self absorbed human beings were led astray by their sheep, some came to return as paranoid creatures. led to the destructive rise of lethal unprecedented weapons that were set to murder and obliterate other human beings who found themselves caught in life.

Homo Sapiens
Human formed a natural hierarchy based on their physical possessions, who their family knew, and if others believed the same thing.
Rise of the Institutionalized Mystery
In the pursuit of truth, and his existence, with good intentions, man fell victim to himself. Soon doubting his own capabilities and gaining his self worth largely from sources other than himself. I always found Satan to be a kind gentleman, largely secure in what he knew, and wanting nothing than the Olsen Twins to fondle with in hell. But that's understandable, I grew a liking to Satan, and his introspective thoughts, like, :

Soon mankind wasn't satisfied with the life he found himself in. He soon performed useless rituals, and behaving in a manner that wasn't of a human.

In the Mediterranean, a man by the name of Jesus, whom many say was delusion because of the ungodly amount of time spend in the desert, said "I am God son's" After Jesus was beaten several time, the townsfolk decided to extradite him to Jerusalem. There he found him even more ridiculed for claiming to be

Did he think the people were stupid enough to fall for his "God" trick. We may never know.

Truly, future generations of humans will reflect on their history, and be disgusted by the ancestors ability to treat each other with the decency and respect they deserve, and maybe then they will realize the bloodshed cause through our inability to empathize with others, and change.

In the wake of economic instability and insecurity, will mankind cooperate with his fellow brothers and sisters? Or will the racial, religious, economic distrust push them to the brick of destruction? Truly, only time will tell. Tyler says, "Just be nice"

Tyler, then said, "Let's stop at Wal-Mart" to pick up Saltines and Fish Food

Then Tyler shouted across the room as they drug him away, "Go out into the world! And preach the good news of life! Experience everything life has to offer! Never give up! Never surrender!" And never forget where you came from and those who've helped build who you are."

Enjoy the Ride
Then Tyler spoke, "To assume to know the answers of life's mysteries is deceive yourself and deceive others." But above all, enjoy your life, follow your bliss, don't compromise yourself, your all you have, and there's no reason to expect anything less than what you desire."

Tyler, is the name of an individual who has found himself caught in this human experience called "life", and was inspired without superstition. "Write it down fucker"

I had the unique chance to catch up with God over coffee and cigarettes. "When it comes to writing, write drunk and edit sober. It always adds a new twist to the plot line. How the hell do you think I came up with homo sapiens?

I always get trashed before I head out, it's keeps things interesting ya know?"

I had the unique chance to catch up with God over coffee and cigarettes last week at obscure coffee shop in Seattle. I grabbed his black drip coffee of the counter, spun around, and hand the beverage across the counter to the burley looking dude.
Breaking the silence, I asked, "So how the hell did you come up with the idea of life?"

"When it comes to writing, write drunk, edit sober." He wiped the coffee from his upper lip. "It always adds a new twist to the plot line. How the hell do you think I came up with homo sapiens?"

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