Friday, November 26, 2010


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

"The public debate about the Gaza attack engages in the absurd pretense that it is Israel, not the Palestinians, whose security and dignity is being threatened. This blind defense of Israel's brutality towards the Palestinians is a betrayal to the memory of all those killed in other genocides in other times." Chris Hedges

The United States has the ability to influence Israel's actions toward the Palestinian people. The Gaza Strip's economy is at the mercy of the Israeli government as nothing gets in or out of the Gaza Strip without Israel’s knowledge and acceptance.

 In 2005, the United States gave over $154 billion in economic and military aid, more than any other U.S. foreign recipient. Israel doesn't have to necessarily disclose where the money goes. The money could go to bulldozing homes in West Bank () It could go to destroying Palestinian homes, and we'd never know. Building walls around the Palestinian people in the name of national security, and taking away Palestinian homes, and lifestyle, and job opportunities...and Israel doesn't expect any kind of repercussions? What the hell are they stupid? 

The United States ought to make the playing field more fair. But nobody dares criticize Israel. Ahmadinejad talks about denying the holocaust, if you place what he said into context, he asking how can the people of Israel, a very broad question, have gone through the holocaust and now inflict that horror onto the Palestinian people?? We're talking about a genocide right in front of our very eyes. American's tend to have a naive perspective in large part because we sympathize with the Jewish people during the holocaust, and we share the same values with Israel. We have all the right to sympathize. I'm not talking about the Jewish people; I'm talking about the Israeli government. Most would argue that this conflict in the middle east has been occurring since "time first began", that's not true, this is not a religious war, this is a war about land. (Religion defiantly influences their decisions though, most Americans do not criticize Israel is because in the Bible it says in Deuteronomy that Israel is god's chosen nation, and in sum, those who don't support Israel will be eternally doomed) Anyways, I'm going to stop. It's a very complex issue with many different dimensions but it's definitely one that gets me going, as you can tell.
We must understand the difference between the government of Israel, and the people that follow the Jewish tradition. I do not support the Israeli government
Israel’s action have been excessive. In December of 2008, Israel attacked the Gaza Strip , killing innocent children and women. Understanding that civilians will be killed in any form of warfare. However, the targets chosen were specifically.
Christian organizations across  the United States completely support Israel and their actions regardless of the consequences. The continuing to supporting Israel while it simultaneously committs atrocities towards the palestiaians people in the Middle East will come with harsh repercussions to the U.S. image, and only undermine our efforts to dwarf terrorism.

The Palestinian people are treated like animals for the sake.

Israel’s strategic alliance with the United States was useful throughout the Cold War. Now in turbulent times that are ahead, the best move would be to distant ourselves from the atrocities of the Israeli government.
Our alliance with Turkey remains at stake. The United States has vital interests in the Turkish region.
The United States needs to continue to move to oppose the current regime’s actions towards the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The consequences of the Gaza Strip and West bank are expected if you continue to deny the
I cannot support a regime that continually supports unwarranted violence on a group of individuals that are unable to defend themselves.
Recently, the boats

You are not supporting God, and the way of life through supporting state sponsored terrorism. You are not supporting  God through unwarranted raids, and the excessive deaths of thousands of women and children. Folks have the principles of Judaism and Israel and God so tightly intertwined in their heads, it doesn’t make sense. I would classify you as an ignorant two headed snake.  For your continued support to a nation that carries out unprecended attacks against a people that have no formally recognized state, and

This is the genocide of our time.

Bet Selem 

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