Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't argue with an idiot.

J**** yeah republicans and democrats alike. both terrible choices. we're capitalistic country not socialists, libertarian is the way this country was founded and the way it should be. isolationists who bult a country around our freedoms that made the foundation of our country.

Tyler "Freedom for white property owning males, and the United States has never been an isolationist country."

we have been and we were? liberties to do what you did. and people back then found it acceptable to bring people they've captured to the states to work for their farms. the US goverment didn't give out slaves, capture slave or anything. we we're a country built by braking the shackles of an oppressive goverment and building a country in the new world. do your home work son, before you try correcting me.

Tyler The ability for me to write, speak my mind, practice my religion, etc, etc stems from the Bill of Rights, which isn’t the Constitution. A [The] Bill of Rights was demanded by the people as a compromise to the constitution. I don’t really have to thank the founders for the freedoms I enjoy today, but thank the people, the revolutionaries of that time.

Maybe the United States government didn’t actively participate in handing out slaves, but they did play a huge role in recognizing the 3/5 of a person that a slave was, and stifling any attempts at a civil rights movement that maybe could have happened before the late 50 or 60's. We did fight a huge war over this issue though. You were only completely free unless you were a white property owning male. I’d completely agree with you though, “we are a country built by breaking the shackles of an oppressive government.”, or we demand equality among all peoples. But who was oppressive though? The government for apathetically standing by witnessing injustices? Or the people owning the slaves?

Since the founding of our country the United States started actively pursuing foreign investment for the United States, and over the history of our country we’ve played different roles in Latin America, North America, bits of Africa, and in Europe. I think it would be a mistake to say we’ve always been "isolationist" and that we even have the option to go back to being an isolationist country and/or that would be the best route in today's world. It isn't and it’s impossible.

I know there's an old quote that states "Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference" But I just couldn't resist.

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