Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Access to Healthcare

I can't believe I'm gonna have to pay for your damn pre-existing "liberal" disorder. This is crap! Down with the libraries! Public education? What an oxymoron! Fire stations? Screw 'em we can put out our own fires! Road maintenance! Whats up with that? State Patrol? Why can't you change your own tire along I-5 at 3am? Ambulances? Old folks don't need social security. They just need stability! Unions? What a joke! Energy independence? Have you ever heard a diesel engine roar? It's mighty fine, and attractive among all the ladies! Butter or guns baby! Cut the butter! We're fighting two wars! Military? Baby I own a dozen guns! I'm my own goddamn militia, don't worry! Deregulation! Deregulation! Deregulation! No worries! The environment? Corporate America's diet consist of externalities! Whats for dessert? Profit! Can't you see I'm Taxed Enough Already!

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