Saturday, November 28, 2009

Experience China Talk

“Experience China Talk” was hosted at Skagit Valley College on November 17, 2009 
We shared experience of my 2009 trip to China focusing on humanitarian work, and encouraged others to join next years trip. 

I'll major in Political Science at Western Washington University. On a personal level, I'm interested the world superpowers and their respective relationships and interactions with one another. It was interesting to see personal prejudices debunked.

Personal Insight
I'm interested in cultural interactions. I'm a firm believer that experience only deeps the human element. That is we are here for a short time, for reasons unbeknowst to us.. But no matter where we go in life, people everywhere want the same thing. How people around the world chose to express that, is of a particular interest to me.

How little it takes for us in the West, given our extensive access to many different resources, to help to those who do not have the opportunity.

It never seizes to amaze me the great lengthens people go to help each other out.

Experience China Pictures

Standing in the location where Chairman Mao Declared the People Republic of China 60 years prior was a little surreal. Something that you only read about in history books, but to actually be there put a new twist on things. Or when you gaze out over the city square, you can see the location of the Square Massacre.

You understand the events on another level. In that these weren't just events that affected someone somewhere, far, far, far away. But rather these were events, in the Chairman Mao's Declaration, a final culmination of the feudal society that dominated China for hundreds of thousands of years. It's quite remarkable.


Some 400 million people have been able to pull themselves out of poverty since. We should also bear in mind the environmental damage in the name of progress.

At our Hotel in Xian. Ted, Vanessa, and Trevir decided to go to the pool. When we arrived.

Interesting for me to see how the communist party in China releases control.

I am interested in the interaction of superpowers. If you were to go online, you'd read about the rising economic powerhouse that China is becoming, and how it will overturn the United States as economic and global superpower. This trip, for me, put that myth to the test.

For me it will be interesting to watch how the Communist Party .

China was absolutely amazing. The experience put my previously thought ideas to the test of reality.

Experience China was a wonderful experience, learning trip, and I'd go again in a heartbeat if given the opportunity...and of course money.